Clear Brook Miniatures
Clear Brook Miniatures
Fuzzy Farm Friends
Cheza - The Noise Maker
Junior "JR"~ Looks scary, but a joker
PUG -" The Pig "- Pee's, Craps and snots on everything
Mirko - SHC 3 ,Gurdian, protector of all good things on and off the farm.
Ashes - Mother Hen of the farm, loves children, people and puppies.
Tica ~ Destoryer of mice and small 
bird. A hunter supreme.
Amy ~ Hunter in training, skill
small bugs. Can goof off at times. 
Winston ~ The alarm that it 
is feeding time. He Makes 
sure everyone is fed on time.
Ben ~ Manager - He has been here the longest and makes sure everyone is doing thier job. Sabrina's best friend, teacher and loyal friend to everyone that respects him.
Quincy ~ A bit strange at times, but misunderstood. He is a all round nice boy and Bens best friend. Smart guy in his own right. Has never let me down.
Clyde ~ Small and  stocky, this guy
will take care of  anyone. He is very
 respectful on the ground or in the 
Booker T ~ This guy is regal. He is respectful, but has the power to move. He will obey, your command. He is a real looker  and we love him for that.
Whites Calvin Kline "Calvin" ~ AMHA World Top Ten (3rd) , AMHA Eastern Regional Champion. Supreme Julp Cup Champion. He has Produced
some outstanding World and Natiional Top Ten offspring and that is all we can hope for, He is a wonderful stallion and we will appricate all he has given us. Keep an eye out for his foals in 2013.
Cracker ~ Never new his mother,
she unfortunatly died giving brith
to him. We raised him as a orphan
in our house for 4 months. Cracker 
loves people and dogs. He is our babysitter for the weanlings here at Clear Brook.He is a real ham and everyones that comes to the farm wants to take him home.
Clear Brooks Buckeroo Boogie " Chucky" ~ The 1st miniature horse foal I had born on the farm. He is the smartest mini I have ever owned. He does tricks and can pick out a toy you ask for by name by picking it up with his mouth. He greets me always with a whinny. He is my heart horse along side Scooter, Cracker, Calvin and Danny.